Our impact

Being an historical player in the “smart city” business for 27 years now, our hardwares and softwares both aim at rationalizing and optimizing our customers’ journeys.

Simpliciti appraises a total of more than

30 000

tons of CO2 saved per year through the optimization of our customers’ journeys.

A virtuous approach with an impact on our customers


Raising awareness of waste sorting via our incentive-based collection solutions for a significant reduction in the production of household waste.


Citizen involvement through our user apps to report anomalies in waste collection or urban cleanliness.


Development of On-Demand transport services for vulnerable and disconnected people for an inclusive mobility.


Digitalization of our clients’ activities, to increase the performance in the realization of their public service mission.


An improvement in urban cleanliness and public health through optimized waste collection and cleaning routes.


Reallocation of human, material and financial resources for an improved overall quality of service.

Our commitments as a company

Guide the development of our products and services in accordance with an eco-design approach and the principles of the economy of functionality.

Keep investing in research and development in order to improve our algorithms performance, as they help optimizing the creation of circuits and missions for our different sectors of activity. More broadly, we keep working on improving the use of data and servers.

Select our suppliers and service providers based on their own commitments to sustainable development.

Reduce the carbon footprint of our on-site movements - via concrete helps – through ‘soft’ modes of transport development, through the implementation of carpooling, & through a charter about home office.

Raise our customers' awareness of good practices, in particular through dedicated training for drivers on eco-driving.

A committed team to move forward

Our ‘GreenTeam’ is organized to transform convictions into action:

  • A dedicated CSR team has been set up: to lead the actions carried out within 4 specific committees (for now), & to include as many employees as possible.

  • Four working groups have been set up around the following themes: “Waste management“, “Digital and infrastructure“, “Mobility and life in the company” and “Awareness“.

  • Concrete actions: implementation of composting, promotion of soft mobility or subscription to specialized recycling channels for our computer waste are the first ongoing initiatives.