On-demand transport

Pilot your Mobility on demand at the service of all !

The issue at stake

Simpliciti has been a key partner for local authorities and operators since the end of the 1990s and the creation of our TITUS software dedicated to reservations management and routes calculation for on-demand transport, initially designed for vulnerable and isolated populations across all types of territories.

We have been forerunners in Dynamic Mobility by offering our On-Demand transport and transportation for persons with disabilities and reduced mobility solutions. Our customers were given real-time information and booking solutions in order to adapt themselves to the evolving behaviors in terms of rapid consumption of mobility services.

With our new product Citi’Moov launched in 2021, Simpliciti keeps innovating by offering new functionalities to support you in offering a service that is increasingly qualitative and consistent with the regular transportation network in order to guarantee the intermodality of services.

Our answer in key features

Dynamic mission planning with automatic recalculation in real time via our algorithm

Optimization of On-Demand transportation services by organizing resources according to real operating needs

User web & mobile-app for autonomous reservation and cartographic visualization of the approaching vehicle

Real-time regulation of the activity with the geo-tracking of the vehicles and the follow-up of realization

Service performance with automatic monitoring of carrier compliance

Driver apps with roadmaps updated in real time according to the evolution of the missions

Simplify your on-demand mobility path

Identified benefits

Simplify the work of operators

Rationalize the means of operation

Improve the quality of service

An evolving offer

Our Citi’Moov solution can be enhanced with the following modules :


Mobile application for driver and subcontractor for dynamic roadmaps


Mobile application and user web for booking trips and real-time information on pick-up

Interface Power BI

Decision support tool for visualizing business indicators

Existing and possible integrations with a range of partners

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