Voluntary drop-off points waste collection

Easily plan your rounds and optimize the collection of your voluntary drop-off points!

The issue at stake

Simpliciti has developed a specific business solution to meet the growing need for smart waste collection at voluntary drop-off points. Initially dedicated to the separate waste collection flow, the collection in voluntary drop-off points has now been extended to household waste and is used as well in urban areas as in more rural areas.
To enable our customers meeting this new challenge, we developed the Citi’PAV solution, which combines field support for drivers in carrying out their rounds and operational assistance to provide relevant business indicators and build collection schedules based on actual filling rates observed at the voluntary drop-off points.

Communicated drop-off points



Our answer in key features

Report field data on container collection

Guiding crews from a voluntary drop-off point to another

Plan your rounds according to fill rates

Manage and geolocate your container fleet

Follow your collection operations in real time

Export your collection data / Benefit from reports on your services

The solution design

Citi’PAV works with an on-board mobile application available on a tablet at the front of the vehicle. Real time communication is available between the operation and the field teams.

Identified benefits

Scalability of the offer

Sensors can be installed on the voluntary bins to allow automatic feedback of the filling rate.

Service optimization

Save time in the constitution of your collection rounds through reliable field data.

Rationalization of operating resources.

Tool flexibility

A set of modules can be added as your operational needs evolve.

An evolving offer

Our Citi’PAV solution is based on our Geored Online operating platform which can be enhanced with several modules.


Mobile application for field supervision by the operator


Decision support tool for analyzing your operating data presented in dynamic dashboards


Intuitive solution in order to improve driving behaviors and reduce fuel consumption


Module for human and material resources planning

Existing and possible integrations with a range of partners

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