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Optimize your waste collection rounds and organization !

The issue at stake

Ecobox by Simpliciti is a service that assists local authorities and professionals with collection audits and rounds optimization, focusing on three types of needs:

The evolution of the territory with a need of harmonizing services and balancing the rounds;

The evolution of pre-collection and collection methods : door-to-door, grouping points or voluntary drop-off points;

The evolution of the services through subjects such as incentive pricing, extension of sorting instructions, reduction of collection frequencies or collection of bio-waste.

Simpliciti is pleased to announce the acquisition of the company Ecobox (finalized in March 2021). It is also important to specify that this entity of our structure remains independent to work with all our competitors and partners.

Our answer through key features

Audit of the collection through analysis of the field data

Scenarios sizing / levers for optimization

Optimized tours production and rounds rebalancing

Implementation of overhead and underground containers for voluntary disposal

Management black -points to secure bilateral collection

Dedicated studies for innovative waste collection and incentive pricing

Ecobox Carto tool

The ECOBOXCarto software solution is the tool allowing the realization of all the studies produced for our customers with :

  • TThe creation of reference circuits and their evolution according to the needs: appearance of new allotments, balancing of circuits…
  • The realization of optimization simulations : impacts of a change of tipper size, of the evolution of tonnages…
  • TThe provision of a business SGI: location of voluntary drop-off points / large producers with their associated files and reports, mapping of black spots and their characteristics

The ECOBOXCarto offer is parameterized according to the needs of the customer and is accompanied by a training and a hotline.

Identified benefits

-10 to 15%
less circuits completed

-15 to 20% less kilometers travelled

+10% financial savings

-10% less staff needed for collection

Up to -20%
of vehicles used

12500 tons of carbon emissions saved per year

An evolving offer

Ecobox by Simpliciti helps you on all problematics related to waste collection.

Subscription to the
Ecobox Carto software possible following a study service

Waste collection schedule

Ad hoc analysis of field data (separate waste collection, extension of sorting instructions)

Scalability of mapping according to SGI needs (Here, Opendata, IGN) maj in real time

Existing and possible integrations with a range of partners

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