Cleaning management

Manage your urban cleaning activities
in real time !

The issue at stake

In a context of ever-increasing public cleanliness in cities, adopting our Citi’Net solution enables you to support and supervize your operational teams.

Drivers are guided section by section in the realization of their rounds and the operator has a real time vision of his fleet of vehicles. This makes him able to adjust his means according to the real needs of cleanliness.

2021 novelty

Our answer in key features

Real-time monitoring of your cleaning operations

Automated control of the quality of services delivered

Constitution and a planning of your cleaning rounds

A navigation assistance with a detailed roadmap to realize by section

Access to your vehicles’ history and sensor data

Reports on the quality of your services’ execution

The solution design

Citi’Net works with an embedded mobile application available on tablet or smartphone. The operational agent is guided in real time.

Identified benefit

Work simplification

Drivers benefit from a navigation on circuit with a detailed view of the type of cleaning activity to be carried out for a comfort of navigation.

Activity management

Business data is reported in real time for continuous monitoring of operating resources, in order to keep optimizing the service.

Automated control of cleaning services.

Tool flexibility

A set of modules can be added as your operational needs evolve.

An upgradeable offer

Our Citi’Net solution is based on our Geored Online operating platform which can be enhanced with several modules.


Mobile application for field supervision by the operator


Decision support tool for analyzing your operating data presented in dynamic dashboards


Intuitive solution in order to improve driving behaviors and reduce fuel consumption


Module for human and material resources planning

Existing and possible integrations with a range of partners

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