Technological partner of the connected territories

Building a circular economy through digital technology is no longer a luxury, it became a necessity.

Simpliciti helps territories through tools and data, improving citizens’ experience while bringing them actors of a better world.

Solutions based on business expertise


  • Management of incentive-based pricing
  • Door-to-door / Drop-off points / by appointment waste collection
  • Cleaning management
  • Studies & Consultancy


  • On-demand transportation
  • Disabled people transportation
  • School transport system

Freight transportation

  • Geo-tracking
  • Fleet management and legal files management
  • Transportation and orders management

Designer of  Made in France software and hardware

Simpliciti’s know-how is a unique combination of 3 skills :

  • innovative and scalable software solutions
  • proprietary hardware solutions, designed and assembled in Aix en Provence (France)
  • data analyzed by our data scientists’ algorithms, and enhanced by the business expertise of our consultants

In a few figures

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millions of Citizen covered

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